How to tell if your a psychic/medium?

How to tell if your a psychic/medium?
A medium/psychic is someone who can communicate with the dead. I have had very many experiences one I can see the dead and two I can sense strong energy of a dead being. Does anyone know how to know for sure? Don’t be an immature bastard please. This is serious.

Suggestion by Christi Walker
I don’t know how to answer your question but I was drawn to it because I can’t see them, but I can feel them and sometimes communicate with them. I don’t understand it yet, but I’m not afraid of it anymore. Having just admitted I believe in ghosts, I’m going to say I don’t really believe most of the psychics out there are real. But this sort of thing can be researched and you can make up your own mind about it so that you can find more answers. I don’t think there are any tests to prove this sort of thing despite what they show on TV, but you know in your heart. Write down your experiences. Are there things you have learned from these spirits? It’s fascinating really. And keep your stories for the most part to yourself, people will just think your’e crazy.

Suggestion by somebody
There is no way to tell, just what you know.
Every medium is different, different levels, ways of seeing or knowing things… You can see the dead, and sense energy of the dead. Thats how you know, other people dont have this going on. Its not necessarily normal.

Have you had a loved on die, or come close to dying? Sometimes, in that situation it comes on stronger. Sometimes the communication is not direct, like a dream, or prediction the future, or hearing a voice that tells you something. (not schizophrenia)

When i was a little girl a psychic that my mother knew, told her i was a blue child. That is the term they use for someone who is in touch with the other side. aka a Medium. She never told me this until I had my 1st experience. I started with predicting bad things that would happen. Like a shooting that involved my friend, or a plane crash… different things.

My cousin jumped off of the aurora bridge about 2 months ago. His close friend had a dream the night before he killed himself about that bridge. He said he was under the water and could hear his own voice, my cousins voice and an unrecognized voice. All he could see in the dream was the aurora bridge. Less then 24 hours later, my cousin jumped. That is an intense premonition.

Open your mind, and listen, you are having this go on for a reason.
The way to know for sure is to believe in yourself, and what you are seeing and feeling. Most psychics out there are fakes, so dont expect them to be able to give you an answer.

Suggestion by susan
You need to trust yourself. Being a medium is one of dozens of ways being psychic or intuitive can manifest itself.

You can ask them things to confirm your impressions. You do not have to say anything out loud. The reply will feel like a thought in your head, so do not ascribe the answer to your imagination!

And remember, no one is dead! The bodies are, but clearly the spirit of the person is doing well, even though there is no change in personality because the body is no longer its home. We try to encourage people to call them spirit people as opposed to physical people. Just because they are in spirit does not mean they are suddenly nice if they were not nice while in the physical. It is important to understand this before you open yourself up to things en masse!

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where can i find the best psychic/medium in southeastern ct or rhode island?
I’m looking to get the most accurate reading from a medium/psychic. The woman I used to go to is elderly and is no longer offering her services. Anyone in mind?

Suggestion by Layla19
Send out your credit card information with your mind, with a clause in the psychic contract saying they will e-mail your reading to you. The best real psychic should have no problem helping you.

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2 Responses to How to tell if your a psychic/medium?

  1. ANITA July 9, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    You could possible be a psychic, as some people are just blessed with the gift more than others.

  2. Synne July 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    I’m sorry, I cannot take this question seriously. If you’re really hearing ‘voices’ or ‘sense stuff’, you should consult a psychiatrist.

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