How do I find a real free psychic medium to speak to?

How do I find a real free psychic medium to speak to?
I have been experiencing dreams that are not mine. I feel as though they are from someone else’s memories, and they just happent o ne coming to me while I sleep.

Suggestion by Morpheus
You can’t – a psychic medium is a fraud – they don’t exist. It’s time to grow up and use your head for something.

Suggestion by clcalifornia
The brain is capable of creating dreams without the sleeper being capable of thinking of it on it’s own.
That is why they seem like they don’t connect with who you are.

It is my thought that each of us carry a million of years of chromosomes and that some times people get memories of their past relatives experience that is stored in our DNA.
I came to this conclusion because often a transplant patient who receives a body part from another person memory that we are related to over the million of times there are new generations becoming over and over the time.

Suggestion by josie
If there are psychics out there, and if you really need one, then obviously the psychic would know and would contact you.

If you haven’t heard from any psychic, then either there aren’t any, or you don’t need one.

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Can you tell the difference between a real psychic / medium and a fraud?

Suggestion by John Johnston
they are all frauds and should be treated as such

Suggestion by RobertMathmanJones
YES they are all frauds

Suggestion by Dr.Nice Guy
The real psychic / medium hasn’t been exposed yet.

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where i can find a real psychic,medium and other spritualist at?
i know theres some real ones and fake ones.the real ones are expensive and the fake ones is the ones who want your money.i want to know about my future,how do i get all of my wishes and dreams come true,how i can fight the demons out of my life so i can have faith in me and i can have a better life to live and all of that.please dont say “i dont know” and dont be funny while you cracking jokes.this for real,this is not a joke and i need the real answers from you people.

Suggestion by funnana
The psychic,medium,and spitualist store.<><
Play with demons you might get 1 or 1000.
If they had power to make all your dreams and wishes come true,everyone would see them.
Please use your head.

Suggestion by Samurai Jack
right behind the “at”.

Suggestion by October
There aren’t any real ones
Did anyone predict the events of 9/11 before they happened?

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21 Responses to How do I find a real free psychic medium to speak to?

  1. psychic-junkie July 1, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Pro’s and Con’s

    Follow these simple guidelines to find sound psychic insight from the pro psychics and avoid being taken for a ride by the con artists and charlatans.

    I’ve been a professional clairvoyant for many years, in all four corners of the world, using my psychic insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. I personally endorse the Exceptionally Skillful Psychics of my VeryESP Team.

  2. Dwain July 1, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    You can meet some real ones and some fake ones at the link below. Say hi to my Mom if you visit!

  3. CuriousGeorge July 1, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    Every human being has the potential to become “psychic.” There are various avenues one can take to heighten one’s spirituality and often times as a result manifest “psychic” powers.
    If you really need ‘higher’ help, look into ways to contact your higher self or spirit guides and angels. You can also get wonderful help by tapping into your heart/intuition, the book on Heartmath is very helpful.

  4. Ray J July 1, 2012 at 6:50 pm #


  5. TruthSeeker July 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    I am very open to your question, I seek out spirituality most every day it helps alot especially in the kind of world we live in.

    I am not really sure about a specific psychic, medium or other spiritualits but I can direct you to websites that do feature them and have good things to say with the intent of helping instead of scamming.

    Here are some of my favorite spritual sites:
    (features many links, mainly from Rabbinical teachings about spirit world and life in general)
    (a radio station devoted to teaching New Age spiritual concepts- you should register for free so you can have access to archived shows- which may feature a topic your interested in, i.e angels, demons, dreams etc.)
    (I only use this website to know a bit about myself…may sound really crazy to alot of people some of things astrology forecasts and horoscopes report may say alot about yourself- its strange, but i’ve changed since I read it- although you should only do it for free on this site)
    (at this site you can learn about judaism. you can also chat with a rabbi, its pretty cool)
    (a website not to underestimated at all- very resourceful and personally useful- you can blog on there too, many people use it)

    Well there’s more that i have but you’ll probably be too tired to see them all…don’t let anyone bring you down so as long you have a good intention. Good luck! (your not alone)

  6. athmavidya July 1, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    try this link and follow SAI thoughts … you shall feel all your worries and problems getting addressed gradually if you attempt sincerely to follow …

    luv and SAI RAM,

  7. kerilyn July 1, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    All your answers will be answered if,
    you just believe in God. It’s very simple dear. Just believe.
    Don’t fall for phonies.. Ask God for his help, thats all you
    need to do. God Bless You.

  8. old lady July 1, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Close your eyes, and think of nothing…. nothing …. nothing.

    Okay, now you’re in a trance. And it would be nice if I could tell you that there is a list of great psychics in the phone book, but that isn’t true. Anyone can advertise in the phone book, and most of the fakes do.
    Without knowing where you live, it’s hard to be specific, but many cities have a psychic society – a group of people who believe in psychic arts, mediums and spiritualists. Somehow, you have to find a way to contact these people. You might be able to find them on the internet, or you might find them through a bookstore that specializes in psychic materials. There might even be a psychic research department at a university in your area.
    But you really don’t need the help of a psychic to have faith in yourself. You already have dreams and ambitions, and you have the power to make them come true, because you are the one in charge of your future. Most psychics claim to be able to contact people who have died, and can bring you messages from the past, but psychics or mediums don’t see into the future. That’s because no one can predict the future. There are too many variables. But that is all to your advantage because with a set goal and determination, you can decide what your future will be. All a psychic can do is reinforce what you yourself have decided but ultimately, you are the one in control of your future, regardless of what anyone else may tell you.
    Hope this helps.

  9. tasha July 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Yahweh is in heaven,

  10. Ron July 1, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Yes, ask each of them why they haven’t taken up James Randi on his $ 1,000,000 challenge, none of them will give a sensible answer proving to me at least that they are all the same.

  11. inteleyes July 1, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    yes… things they know and the other does know~

  12. I'm just me July 1, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    The devil’s in the details. As in how many finite details they can give you. Not just “I hear a name starting with J” or “money will be coming your way” but something more like, “I have a spirit here who tells me his name is Jonathan. I see him wearing blah blah blah and he’s telling me to tell you…” they can describe details. Times. names. If they say they have a message from your dear aunt gertrude they should be able to give you something about gertrude that you will easily recognize. Sometimes that’s a description, but more often it’s a detail, something personal about the person or between you and this person that nobody else would have known.

    EDIT: as for charging money…well, I have an opinion on that one. There are real psychics out there who do charge. The truth is, it’s an exchange of energy. They give you their time and energy. Doing readings is exhausting, psychically and mentally. Two or three in a row and I’m drained, completely, have to go lie down and take a nap. So, what are you going to give them for their time?

    I don’t believe in that. I couldn’t ever charge anyone for what I see as a gift from God. Jesus, after all, didn’t charge all those people he helped. Jesus was for the poor man, the small man. BUT…in general, I don’t trust anyone who charges over $ 50 for a half hour reading. Not that I’d pay for one.

    and yes, it’s true. psychics do not know everything there is to know. that is a HUGE misconception. We’re not God. We simply have abilities that allow us to see/hear/feel above and beyond the normal range of the 5 senses.

    and not all psychics can tell the future. I for example, don’t like to call myself psychic. I’m not clairvoyant, though I do have a touch of it, I’m empathic and clairaudient. I feel things, usually emotions, and I can hear spirits and angels. So I can’t help you find anything you’ve lost and while I may get a hint or two about the future, I’m really no good at it. General readings are too tough for me unless I’m using my cards, because it’s a bit like looking at the entire universe all at the same time and being asked to find one tiny little star that’s not visible at the moment. I need a focus, a question.

    for whatever that’s worth.

  13. ali fox July 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    yes, a fraud is the kind of person who charges a lot of $ (even at the very start of their Business) but also gives u inaccurate information that does not seem correct and may even ask you did one of your family members die, and what was their name, then pretend to know off the info. u gave them, a real one will only start their price very low, and as more and more ppl come the price will increase and they may ask an occasional ? but usually will just say like i am seeing a male figure who claims he is your father and is here to keep a promise, he also has a lassie type dog (my mom went to gorge anderson and that happened, she had not even mentioned her father, the promise he made her to contact her if there was an afterlife after he died, or their dog that looked like lassie and was named lassie that got dropped off at the pound to be euthanized) they also don’t charge you extra for any special candels or anything, if that ever happens, u turn around and walk out, they will also not be using any stupid crystal ball or anything, i have communicated with spirits and gotten info. from them, but don’t tell anyone cuz everyone except for my stepmom and two of my friends think im lying or going crazy! :( anyway that is how u tell the difference, btw gorge anderson charged $ 75 when my mom went, but now he charges more, i think that some psychics get so absorbed in the fame that they orget to even tell the truth, but i do, and will always believe gorge anderson is a true medium :)

    pumpkin oreo ufo,dee dee, tOph, and jenny are 100% correct :) but some of the ppl that do it for a living charge $ just so they can live, but thats different, also the last 3 ppl don’t know what they are talking about ;)

    i have also been helping someone else out and wanted to say that psychics can’t ALWAYS get the info. also if u are sad it is almost impossible to get any info. because u r so focused on that that the spirit can’t get through to u

  14. pumkin oreo ufo July 1, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    Real psyhics dont want ur money

  15. Jenny July 1, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Most people who claim they have any paranormal ability are frauds. Not all, but most. ANYONE who asks for money in exchange for their paranormal “service”, and this goes for ghost hunting as well, are frauds. I mean absolutely any paranormal service. It should all be free. The paranormal, although highly believed to exist, is still considered a theory and you should not charge someone for a theory. It is wrong. So that is a huge red flag that it would be a fake. If a psychic asks for any information other than your name, they are lying. A psychic shouldnt even need your name. They can typically go off of nothing but the energy they feel. If they tell you something led them to you or you to them, there is a 99% chance they are lying. Fakes use that all the time to lure the person in thinking its “fate” or something.

    There are other ways but those are the biggest things. Just remember that pretty well anyone who openly claims they are a psychic, probably arnt.

  16. Dee Dee July 1, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    Alot of psychics take normal things and make things up to seem real so they can make money. I have (in my younger days) talk to a psychic and she was pretty much way off. There are some out there who actually do have the gift but yet make money off it. These psychics in my opinion, take what they get and add to it to complete. Just like TV shows about paranormal- They make stuff up to get ratings.
    I am a medium, I do not charge but I only work with missing persons and my paranormal group. I do not do readings unless a spirit needs a message to be given. That is not what my gift was intended for. I use it to help people and spirits move forward and understand. I have been 100% accurate, however, some things are unable to validate. I especially get names and that validates alot of the time.
    If a psychic has to charge someone to help them, then there certainly are questions to be asked and cautions to take.
    In my own belief, we all have to make mistakes in our lives to learn, how can we do that if we go to psychics and ask them, “where am I going to live, who am i going to marry, will I be rich, etc…?” We not suppose to fortell the future. If we did then we wouldn’t be who we were intended

  17. Guardian July 1, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    I get this too almost every nite, i even have dreams of others feeling a similar way. The dreams feel very real. This could also be you remembering a past life. Think of this word at night…. Rob D, say it several times and maybe our mind will mingle, i wont be asleep soon though because i refuse to sleep after my prison dream.

  18. Thomas E July 1, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    Prayer works.

  19. Ron July 1, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Harry Houdini and James Randi between them have scoured the entire planet for the past hundred years for any sort of psychic/medium, free or not, not one has been found to date.

    Dreams are just your subconscious mind ‘doodling’ with your past memories, wishes and fears, they have no relevance whatsoever to real life.

  20. Cherisa July 1, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    If you expect this sort of service, you need to pay. Psychics need to eat too you know.

  21. John July 1, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    If you tell someone claiming to be a psychic medium this they will tell you what you want to hear: That you’re reliving past lives. The simple truth is that there are no psychic mediums, free or otherwise. If there were then we would be able to test their abilities.

    Also, my understanding is that a medium will talk to ghosts, but seeing as you’re trying to remember past lives you already lived (and are certainly not dead) how is a medium going to tell you something you don’t already know? Is she just going to ask you? The problem you think you’re having is that you think that YOU don’t remember something. The premise doesn’t even make sense, let alone the reality that these people are just charlatans.

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