Free psychic reading online?

Free psychic reading online?
Is there a website that offers a free psychic reading through either email or chat? I’m only 13 so I can’t pay or anything, and I can’t do the phone readings.

Suggestion by tabathawilliams007
sorry rose you have to be 18 and older and why would someone such as yourself would want a psychic reading you are entirely to young honey enjoy life

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good sites?
so im really into like psychic readings and stuff
and ive been trying to find like free psychic chats online, does anyone know any good sites?

Suggestion by ~TTC#1…can’t wait~

Suggestion by xox-L.Girl-xox
Shivani caravan. you ask her a question and she sends you your first reading for free by email. type her name in google and youll find her site.

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