absolutely free online psychic readings?

absolutely free online psychic readings?
are there any online psychics that are absolutely free of charge that are actually honest?

Suggestion by shampoo
i think they just tell you bunch of crap .

Suggestion by lala
No there no free psychic online ; and they are just there for money ; so do not fall in their trap

Suggestion by Miss Zoe
I am a psychic
I am online
I charge no money
I am, actually, honest.

If you email me ( by clicking on my head) your honest question, be sure to include the URL of this page where you asked this question so that i can respond here.

I will answer your question if i choose to.
I know my abilities and i am not here to earn points.


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Free online psychic readings?
Are there any psychic reading i can get for free online?

Suggestion by My Take on It
And why is it you think that a *real* psychic shouldn’t be compensated for their time? You obviously have no clue how much energy goes into giving a reading.

Do you work for free? I doubt it.

Suggestion by flower
Stay away from that stuff! They are occultic practices and they are lies. Read the Bible. God never lies. He’s pretty straight forward. And He’ll tell you exactly what you should do and what the out come will be if you listen and do what He tells you.

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  1. Angela says

    Caity, beware of free online psychic reading sites. You get what you pay for…

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